Brand: Caviar Giaveri


Caviar Osietra
- Osietra Classic Caviar (1000 gr / 250 gr / 100 gr / 30 gr)
- Osietra Imperial Caviar (1000 gr / 250 gr / 100 gr / 30 gr)

Using the traditional Russian method of "malossol", Caviar Giaveri has mastered an extremely tasty lightly-salted caviar that is appreciated by even the most demanding connoiseurs.  Hand-selected and highly refined, with perfectly crisp grains, intense golden brown colour, marine nutty taste and crunchy texture.  Roe comes from Russian sturgeon Acipenser gueldenstaedtii.

Caviar Beluga Siberian
- Beluga Siberian Classic Caviar  (1000 gr / 250 gr / 100 gr / 30 gr)
- Beluga Siberian Imperial Cavair (1000 gr / 250 gr / 100 gr / 30 gr)

The beautifully large-sized eggs of the Beluga, are the most exclusive and gastronomically refined.  Minimal salting brings out the characteristic taste of the Beluga, favoured by Russian Tzars during the classical European era, and remains as a staple in many fine dining rooms across Europe.  It's amber grey colour, delicate buttery texture and iodine taste comes from an unique cross species of Huso huso and Acipenser baerii.

Caviar Siberian
- Siberian Classic Caviar (1000 gr / 250 gr / 100 gr / 30 gr)
- Siberian Imperial Caviar (1000 gr / 250 gr / 100 gr / 30 gr)

The best selection of Siberian caviar from sturgeon spanning across the Siberian Rivers.  Loved by many connoisseurs due to its comparability to the most famous Osietra caviar - notable for its pleasant firm texture, brown-grey colour, freshness on the palate and delicate slightly-iodine flavour.  Roe comes from Acipenser baerii.

Caviar Haute Cuisine Selection
- Haute Cuisine Selection White Caviar (1000 gr / 250 gr / 100 gr / 30 gr)

Caviar in this special "Haute Cuisine" selection is specialised for cooking in many versatile ways, for many versatile dishes!  The white sturgeon caviar used in this range disputedly stands out, and is easily and quickly prepared.

Caviar Persian Osietra
- Persian Osietra (1000 gr / 250 gr / 100 gr)
Caviar Giaveri offers the opportunity to taste this rare and precious selection of Persian sturgeon roe.  The rare specimens of Acipenser persicus, by now almost extinct in nature, are exclusively bred by Giaveri, with utter respect for the preservation of the species.  The golden colour of the roe and the indescribable, unique taste, make it one of the most exclusive delicacies ever.




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